Our Story

It's a simple story, really.  We're idea people. Ideas seem to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time: conversations with friends, things we read, a new way of looking at things.  Ultimately, ideas are the confluence of new concepts meeting our own experience - from here a new river of possibility flows forth.

As idea people, we recognize that some of the best ideas have humble beginnings. Be it on a napkin, a coaster, a legal pad, or a beat up journal, ideas spring into life from the paper on which they are written.  We dream on paper, make notes, hone our concept, share it with others.  The process is exhilarating! We then invariably come back to the well faced with a blank canvas, once again, waiting to bear our next grand idea into the world.

We love paper. It is the physical approximation of our own imaginations.  On it we can transfer our dreams, communicate with others, explore, imagine, create and reflect. Our grandest adventures of the most epic proportions begin on humble blank pages awaiting our next thoughts.  

Paper Journeys represent the potential and possibility of each of us as our dormant ideas take shape and spring onto the page and into the world.

Our goal is simple: We wish to provide you with paper and journals worthy of carrying your beautiful ideas into the world. That's it. 

Where will your next idea take you?